One Happy Family

The V-7 is one happy family! After one week of having the quints home, reality has settled in and it truly feels like we are one big family. There have certainly been some trying moments in the last week, but overall we are amazed at how well the children have adjusted to being at home. They slipped right into our “care” schedule, are getting to be more comfortable in their cribs, and their feeding skills are drastically improving.

Baby Pinwheel: Lily (Green), Theo (Blue), Ellie (White & Pink), Kali (Yellow), Bella (Pink)
Baby Pinwheel: Lily (Green), Theo (Blue), Ellie (White & Pink), Kali (Yellow), Bella (Pink)


We have made several trips to their primary doctor for weight checks. Their growth is a primary concern upon discharge and thus remains a primary goal in the outpatient setting. Often times their weights will be checked every few days, but more often one time per week. All of the quints are growing somewhere between 15 to 30 grams per day, which is an appropriate growth velocity for their age. The higher end is almost an ounce per day. We are excited to see them tracking on their growth curves. Often times, we are not sure where they are packing away the pounds, but when it comes to Theo we are positive its building that melon head and that Bella is tucking it away in her sweet cheeks.

This week has also been quite busy socially! The quints have met their great Grandpa and Grandma, great Aunts, and cousins.

Beautiful Family
Beautiful Family
Love from Aunt Debbie. I think she's done this before.
Love from Aunt Debbie. I think she’s done this before.
Love from Aunt Darla
Love from Aunt Darla
Theo & Grandma Vanderwall
Theo & Grandma Vanderwall

It is such a pleasure to see all of the love these little kiddies are getting. It makes for one happy family!

3 thoughts on “One Happy Family

  1. Beautiful pictures of your babies and you can tell they are getting loved by all. Thank you Cassie and Frank for the updates. Love you!

  2. The babies are going to be so Blessed, ( as well as Cassie /Frank) to have all that extra love from the aunties , and cousins , etc.! I know i was ,and still am. Beautiful pictures………

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