Looking Back at Theo (2019-2020)

While birthdays feel a bit different in 2020, our excitement to celebrate our five miracles does not.

Big brother Theo continues to lead his sisters by example. He is a budding gentleman who is still the King of Questions. He wants to know the what, when, where, but most of all the why and how. Digging, building, drawing, swimming, and playing Mario Odyssey or RBI baseball are among Theo’s favorite hobbies. His number one, however is playing baseball.

Theo and Daddy are baseball buds! If they aren’t tuning into the Cubbies on the TV or radio they are outside in Quintupletville Stadium hitting homers into the pool or playing some good old-fashioned catch.

Now, here’s a look at Theo at Six Years…

Theo at Five Years…

Theo at Four Years…

Theo at Three Years…

Theo at Two Years…

Theo’s First Year…

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